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Below is a detailed catalog of the products we work with:

Chip capacitors (MLCC), in-line monolithic capacitors (MLCC), chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, in-line aluminum electrolytic capacitors, horn-type electrolytic capacitors, bolt-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, solid capacitors, safety capacitors, In-line ceramic capacitors, super capacitors, discharge capacity, polypropylene film capacitors (CBB), film capacitors, adjustable capacitors, niobium oxide capacitors, paper dielectric capacitors, silicon capacitors, chip resistors, plug-in resistors, current sampling resistors/shunts Resistors, resistors, aluminum shell/porcelain tube resistors, adjustable resistors/potentiometers, NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors, photoresistors, varistors, pre-sale connectors, pin headers, female headers, wire-to-board /Wire-to-wire connectors, USB connectors, IDC connectors (ox horns/simple cattle), FFC/FPC connectors, FFC/FPC cable pull-out terminal blocks, screw-type terminals, spring-loaded terminals, fence-type wiring terminal, Ethernet connector (RJRJ), D-Sub/DVI/HDMI connector, audio connector, AC/DC power connector, IC socket, SIM card connector, SD connector, PCB soldering terminal, RF RF same Shaft connectors, board-to-board connectors, battery connectors, automotive connectors, crimping terminals, cold-pressing terminals, circular (cable) connectors, gold finger connectors, banana heads/alligator clips, shorting caps/jumpers Wire caps, crimping terminal plastic shells, connector shells, connector accessories, thimbles/copper rods/test rings, power connectors, Dupont wires/terminal strips, rail strips/terminal strips, RF connecting lines,

Zener Diodes, Schottky Diodes, General Purpose Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Fast Recovery/Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes, Switching Diodes, High Efficiency Diodes, Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR), Varactor Diodes, Avalanche Diodes, Trigger Diodes, Transient Suppressor diodes (TVS), electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices, light-emitting diodes/LEDs, gas discharge tubes (GDT), semiconductor discharge tubes (TSS), glass discharge tubes, chip inductors, power inductors, color rings/plug-in inductors, Transformers, network port transformers, wireless charging coils, power transformers, pulse transformers, audio transformers, adjustable inductors, inductance transformer accessories, pre-sale RC sensors, magnetic beads, development boards, emulators/programmers, books, Pegboard/Breadboard, Raspberry Pi, Maker Education Kit,

EEPROM, NORFLASH, NANDFLASH, eMMC, non-volatile memory (ROM), random access memory (RAM), static random access memory (SRAM), dynamic random access memory (DRAM), synchronous dynamic random access memory ( SDRAM), DDRSDRAM, ferroelectric memory (FRAM), font chip, memory controller, FPGA configuration memory, multi-chip package memory, pressure sensor, sensor module, force sensor and load cell, heart rate sensor, NTC thermistor, PTC thermistor, temperature control switch, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, image sensor, photoresistor, slot photoelectric switch (phototransistor output), slot photoelectric switch (logic output), reflective photoelectric switch, ambient light sensor, optical fiber /Laser sensor, current sensor, touch chip, Hall sensor, position sensor, attitude sensor/gyroscope, temperature and humidity sensor, gas sensor, liquid level sensor, human body sensor, ultrasonic transceiver, proximity sensor, special sensor, power relay , signal relays, magnetic latching relays, automotive relays, reed relays, relay sockets and accessories, Hongfa relays,

Linear regulator (LDO), DC-DC power chip, DC-DC control chip, AC-DC controller and voltage regulator, voltage reference chip, current source/constant current source, motor driver chip, monitoring and reset chip, Power electronic switches, gate drive ICs, battery management, Power over Ethernet (PoE) controllers, wireless charging and discharging chips, professional power management (PMIC), laser drivers, power modules, current sense amplifiers, microcontrollers (MCU/MPU/SOC ), digital signal processor (DSP/DSC), programmable logic device (CPLD/FPGA), pre-sale MCU, logic gate, inverter, latch, shift register, flip-flop, buffer/driver/transceiver converter, converter/level shifter, digital comparator, counter/divider, parity generator/checker, signal switch/codec/multiplexer, monostable multivibrator, FIFO memory, special logic IC, parity generator checker,

Real Time Clock RTC, Clock Buffers, Drivers, Clock Generators/Synthesizers/PLLs, Clock Jitter Eliminators and Synchronizers, Timers/Timers/Clock Oscillators, Delay Lines, Clock and Data Recovery/Retiming, Dedicated Clock/Timing, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO),

Analog-to-digital conversion chip ADC, digital-to-analog conversion chip DAC, electric energy metering chip, digital potentiometer, analog front end (AFE), direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS), RMS-DC converter, V/F and F/V conversion chip, Touch screen controller, ADC/DAC-specific,

RF modulator and demodulator, RF front-end chip, RF power amplifier, tunable filter, RF power divider/combiner, voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), antenna, RF cable, wireless transceiver chip, RF switch , RF card chip, RF attenuator, RF amplifier, RF low noise amplifier, RF coupler, RF mixer, RF detector, duplexer, RF filter, surface acoustic wave filter (SAW), balun ( balun), other RF ICs and modules, RF co-frequency connectors,

Differential op amps, instrumentation amplifiers, operational amplifiers, programmable/variable gain amplifiers (PGA/VGA), current sense amplifiers, audio power amplifiers, linear-analog multipliers/dividers, comparators, FET input op amps, precision op amps Amplifiers, sample/hold amplifiers, isolation amplifiers, video amplifiers, special function amplifiers,

RS-/RS-chip, RS chip, CAN chip, USB chip, bus to UART, Ethernet chip, digital isolator, LIN transceiver, security verification/encryption chip, analog switch/multiplexer, analog switch- Special purpose, LVDS chip, PCI/PCIE interface, signal buffer/repeater/distributor, I/O expander, serializer/deserializer, telecom interface IC, audio interface chip, video interface chip, other interfaces , pre-sale chips, LED driver, LED display driver, LED digital tube, LED dot matrix, LCD driver, OLED driver, VFD driver, other lighting drivers,

Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET), Triode (BJT), Thyristor (SCR)/module, Digital Transistor, IGBT Tube/Module, Darlington Transistor, Darlington Transistor Array, Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET), Smart power modules (IPM), pre-sale transistors,

Passive crystal oscillator, active crystal oscillator, ceramic resonator (passive), surface acoustic wave oscillator (active), surface acoustic resonator (passive), temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO ), Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO), Preprogrammed Oscillator, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Buzzer, Buzzer, Speaker/Horn, Microphone/Microphone, MEMS Microphone, Vibration Motor, Transient Suppression Diodes (TVS), electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices, varistors, gas discharge tubes (GDT), semiconductor discharge tubes (TSS), glass discharge tubes, resettable fuses, disposable fuses, automotive fuses, thermal fuses (TCO ), fuse holder (box), surge protector, LED protection, fuse,

Tact switch, stroke switch, key switch, straight key switch, slide switch, rocker switch, toggle switch, dial switch, rotary switch, rotary encoder, multi-function switch, mechanical keyboard shaft, switch accessories/cap, pan chip, dedicated switch, light-emitting diode/LED, ultraviolet LED, COB light source, infrared emission tube, phototransistor, infrared remote control receiver, photodiode, optocoupler-phototransistor output,

Optocoupler - logic output, solid state relay - MOS output (PhotoMOS), optocoupler - thyristor signal output, photoelectric thyristor (solid state relay), laser diode, optical fiber transceiver, IrDA infrared transceiver, photoelectric accessories, slot type Photoelectric switch (phototransistor output), slot photoelectric switch (logic output), LED digital tube, OLED display module, LCD liquid crystal display module, VFD vacuum fluorescent display module,

Pre-sale new products, others, banana head/alligator clip, switching power supply, heat sink/heat sink multimeter/electrical measuring instrument, DC/AC power supply, oscilloscope/analyzer, battery, electric soldering iron, heat gun, tweezers, screwdriver/electric Screwdriver, screwdriver bit, packing bag, electronic load, data cable, power cord, power adapter, storage box/bottle/box, shrapnel/spring, network cable/twisted pair, wire and cable and accessories, instrument wire/accessory, utility knife /Scissors, glue/tape/optical adhesive/hot melt adhesive, DuPont wire/terminal strip wire/electronic wire, solder wire/solder paste/welding aid, accessories, cable ties, electrical tape/shielding tape, thermal/conductive materials, thermal shrink tube,

Beads, Common Mode Filters, Feedthrough Capacitor Filters, EMC Filters, Ceramic Filters, Clamp Filters, Active Filters, EMI Filters (RC, LC Networks), Crystal Filters, Noise Suppression/Magnetic chip, switched capacitor filter, RF filter, surface acoustic wave filter (SAW), tunable filter。